We have made a few suggestions in our previous blog post about great ways to give back but our number one suggestion is to buy a toy that your child can give to someone else. There is no better way to teach your child about the Christmas spirit than allowing them the opportunity to give back to those less fortunate. One example is to have your child pick out a toy that they think someone else would like and then donate it (unwrapped) to the Salvation Army. Or, if you and your child are looking to make an even bigger impact, start up a local toy drive - either at your child’s school, at the local day care, or between your family friends.

Teaching your child the importance of giving back is incredibly crucial at a young age. Feeling that they are a part of something, or that they are personally contributing to the happiness of another, has positive effects on their own happiness. Think of the joy you feel when your child opens a gift from you and they instantly light up. Giving your child the same opportunity is an amazing way to spread the Christmas spirit.