Author, educator and literacy expert Pam Allyn says, “writing helps to cultivate emotional growth, develop critical thinking skills and improve school performance”. Being able to freely express yourself is something all children should experience. Allyn outlines 5 keys that parents can reference when encouraging their child to start writing. They are as follows…

1.     Word Power

Children learn new words very quickly. Encourage this by talking about new words you hear in a song, making an effort to write down new words you hear, or make a word jar and place a new word in it every day, then review the words at the end of the week.

2.     Reading Aloud

Reading aloud to your child not only indirectly teaches them about grammar and syntax, but it can also spark their imagination and encourage them to write as well.

3.     Identity

Everyone writes in a different way. It is important to encourage and praise your child for unique features in their writing. They may use humor, interesting dialogue, or they may have a nice flow to their writing. Creating a book to showcase their work or sharing it with others is another great way to encourage them.

4.     Time

Between school and extracurricular activities, your child may feel overwhelmed. But in fact, it provides your child an outlet to unwind from their busy day and contemplate what they have accomplished.

5.     Environment

Create a special space for your child so that they feel this is their writing area. Having inspiring books nearby will also encourage their writing.

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