Become a role model and promote an active lifestyle! 

Why not use playtime as a way to get your heart pumping? Liz Donnelly, a family fitness specialist from Cleveland, suggests the following games:

  1. Play a Game of Hot Lava - You are escaping an active volcano. Randomly place mats or throw rugs across the floor. Jump and leap from mat to mat without touching the floor (which is the hot lava.) This type of game develops spatial awareness.
  2. Skip, Hop - By jumping and hopping, you increase bone density, improve circulation, and get your heart pumping!
  3. Hang Ten - See who can hang onto the monkey bars the longest! This exercise builds upper-body strength.
  4. Wheelbarrow Races - Another exercise to increase your upper body strength and have fun at the same time.
  5. Crawl Like a Crab - Walk sideways on your hands and feet. This one is great for your arms and back.
  6. Walk Like a Spider - With this exercise, you are building strength in your core area. Position yourself on all fours and walk on your hands and the balls of your feet.
  7. Stride Like a Giant - This game works your hamstrings and gluts. Stand tall and walk with deep lunges.

The only rule is to be goofy!