It’s my first time as a guest to a billionaire’s gala. Ah, the excitement, the thrill and the questions going through my mind! For instance, what should I wear? The dress code is “Black Tie with Miniature Medals.” What does this mean, you ask?

For an evening event such as this, a miniature medal is worn on the left side above your heart, according to the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Guide. The miniature is identical to your full-size medal but at three-quarter scale. If it is mounted with miniatures of your other decorations, arrange according to the Canadian order of precedence. Women can wear the miniature either suspended from the ribbon or on a bow. However, this does present a problem. The only medal I have is my Bronze Medallion from the Lifesaving Society. Definitely not appropriate.

I’ve decided on a floor length luxurious silk gown. The shoes are satin sandals with very high heels. Unfortunately I cannot wear my oh so comfortable shoes with a wedge because it will be considered inappropriate. But…my gown is long enough so you might not actually be able to see my shoes. So will it be comfort or appropriateness? Should I take a chance or get a headache from sore feet? Why does this have to be so complicated?

I will wear sparkling earrings but I will leave the necklace at home as the neckline of my dress is sparkly enough. I have my clutch purse with my business cards, and I think I will get my hair done like Jessica Rabbit. You know, elegant but sexy. Okay I think that’s it. If I’ve missed something, just let me know sooner than later. And wish me luck ;)

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