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5 Ways Laughter Can Improve Your Health


A few years ago, I took a standup comedy course that was quite fascinating. Our homework included analyzing each day to discover what was humorous about it. Some days it was easy and other days it was hard but just having to do this exercise led to a habit of not taking life so seriously. It was great!

When the course finished, I started to slowly forget to look at life with humor. I mean, life got busy and other things began to take priority. So I recently decided to remind myself by creating a “Laughter Journal.”... read more

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The Power of Laughter

Living in a world that spins with passionate intensity, I glance at the clock to make sure I have enough time to get everything done but darkness falls so quickly and quietly. I think, I write, I study, I walk, and I try to remember to breathe in the moments that are now in the past. I close the lid of my box of worries. I close the lids of my tired eyes. It feels so good... I smile. And I laugh as I see the humor of it all. 


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