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Health, Career, and Life Skills

K - Identify sources of support for your students while at school and in the community; expressing feelings appropriately 

1 - Identify sources of support for your students while at school and in the community; describe strategies for dealing with common interpersonal conflicts

2 – Identify opportunities for making decisions; friendship strategies

3 – Describe skills for building and maintaining positive relationships; describe the nature and consequences of various forms of bullying behavior; Understanding and expressing feelings; interactions


Boogie Oogie Man


K to 3 - Identify practices that contribute to health, including healthy eating, regular physical activity, and emotional health practices (talking to a friend or adult when feeling sad or confused); Explore the relationship between feelings and behaviors; Identify physiological responses to feelings


K – Identify opportunities to make choices; identify sources of support at school; Develop an awareness of situations where decisions are made

1 - - Define a goal and recognize that setting goals helps accomplish tasks; Identify reasons for setting goals; identify sources of support at school and in the community

2 – Identify steps in goal setting; Recognize that it takes time and effort to accomplish goals

3 – Apply a goal-setting model to a short-term goal; identify sources of support; Learning strategies; life roles and career development; volunteerism


All Songs & Stories English Language Arts


Respect, support, and collaborate with others, Listen, speak, read, write, view, and represent to explore thoughts, ideas, feelings, and experiences

Oral language A1

K - Use speaking and listening when engaging in exploratory and imaginative play to express themselves, ask for assistance, exchange ideas, experiment with new ideas

Gr. 1 to 3 - Use speaking and listening to interact with others for the purposes of contributing to a class goal, exchanging ideas on a topic, making connections, completing tasks

Oral language A2

K – Engage in speaking and listening activities to share ideas about pictures, stories and experience

Gr. 1 to 3 - Use speaking to explore, express, and present ideas, information, and feelings, by generally staying on topic, sharing connections made

Oral language A3 

K – demonstrate use of social language to interact co-operatively with others and solve problems

Gr. 1 to 3 - listen for a variety of purposes and demonstrate comprehension, by retelling or restating, sharing connections made, generating questions

Oral language A4

­K – Demonstrate being a good listener for a sustained period of time

Gr. 1 to 3 - Use strategies when interacting with others, including making and sharing connections; taking turns as speaker and listener



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