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THE MAGIC OF THINK® helps you learn the English language with inspiring stories, songs, and videos! Follow Ricardito, Aldis, and Coochi Coo™ as they find courage, friendship and happiness. Learn at your own pace, and have fun!

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"I was listening to Janyse’s CD and workbook with my 5 and 7 year old boys. The boys and I loved listening to the inspiring and beautiful music and we kept on singing the lyrics days later. Great reinforcement of the positive messages! I had never seen any program like this before. Most other CD/ workbook programs focus on academic subjects but Janyse’s product addresses the most important thing there is – the emotional well-being of a child. It works really well with any child as each child is able to choose his/ her own hero from three different ones. For homeschooling families it would work very nicely as a base for a unit study on feelings/ social interactions." K.T. - homeschooling mom

*Copyright 2016 Magical Voice Productions Inc. The Magic of Think, Coochi Coo, Thinkologist, and the Queen of Doubt are registered trademarks of Magical Voice Productions Inc.

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Fairy Award boy

“Absolutely top drawer for the genre” Billboard Reviews THE MAGIC OF THINK® CD

Winner of Best Song "This Day Is Mine" (remix) – Hollywood Music in Media Awards

Winner - Parents Choice Approved Award Winner – THE MAGIC OF THINK®

Nominated for Best Song "Stomp" - Independent Music Awards USA

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