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THE MAGIC OF THINK® series helps your child develop courage with inspiring nursery rhymes, music, videos and stories!

Watch our nursery rhymes and sing along with our adorable panda Coochi Coo™, the Thinkologist™, at

Read our stories and help Ricardito, Aldis, and Coochi Coo™ collect the stone of courage! Or sing and dance to our collection of songs!

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"Emotional stress is not something specific to adulthood. Children too deserve every opportunity to ‘fill up’ their emotional toolbox with strategies to help them manage things like bullying, low self esteem and troubles at home. As someone who was bullied throughout my early years of schooling, I wish that back then I had access to the tools offered by the colourful characters of The Magic of Think. Janyse Jaud offers truly valuable strategies for boosting confidence in a fun, engaging, and accessible format – that I enjoyed even as an adult!" Tara Patricia Cookson, B.A., M.A., PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge, Gates Cambridge Scholar

*Copyright 2016 Magical Voice Productions Inc. The Magic of Think, Coochi Coo, Thinkologist, and the Queen of Doubt are registered trademarks of Magical Voice Productions Inc.

Itsy Bitsy Spider Nursery Rhyme

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Awards & Recognitions

Fairy Award boy

“Absolutely top drawer for the genre” Billboard Reviews THE MAGIC OF THINK® CD

Winner of Best Song "This Day Is Mine" (remix) – Hollywood Music in Media Awards

Winner - Parents Choice Approved Award Winner – THE MAGIC OF THINK®

Nominated for Best Song "Stomp" - Independent Music Awards USA

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